Let's suppose that's true. The house has a dining room, a bedroom, and a study. ▲ pansy (flower). We need a nail, not a screw. ° matar de hambre to starve Este camino vuelve a la derecha. ° secreto a voces open secret. He had a tragic fate. monte [m] mountain ¡Vaya una idea! ¡ea pues! — Dígame en concreto lo que necesita. Este caballo tiene un paso excelente. Tardan tanto que estoy con cuidado. ▲ pale I'll wait for you in here. Domestic mail was delivered four times a day. How shameful! ▲ respect Jamaica's an English colony. coche [m] carriage, coach She has a very clear voice. ° poner pleito to sue, bring suit against. These dress patterns are very practical. resolver [rad-ch I] to decide Hay prisa de terminar este trabajo hoy. ▲ to give up, leave Tengo que desempacar el equipaje. ° no tener nombre to be unspeakable ° un no sé qué a certain something Llevaba una banda roja cruzada al pecho. No sacó nada en claro. — contenido ° mono (de mecánico) overalls [Sp] Es imposible. ¿Ha leído los clásicos latinos? patojo lame, crippled [Am] He did it unwillingly. Le murmuró al oído unas palabras. ▲ newspaper report or item ° paro forzoso unemployment. He has very unpleasant characteristics. ilustrar to illustrate ▲ to address tarjeta card; visiting card; filing card. They had to stand in the train. The opening in this That's typical of him. It's advisable to get weighed frequently. — Es un hombre de genio. The sea route's somewhat dangerous. Ascendió tres veces en un año. ¿Ahora, qué piensa Ud.? What a strange case! — They live in the house across the street. ▲ to be possible, may Cobran muy caro en esa tienda. traje [m] dress She gave up the world and entered the convent. ° registrarse to register (oneself) She goes flat on the high notes. Hubo alteraciones del orden en todo el país. cortado [adj] cut recuerdos a su familia de mi parte. It's amazing how much he can stand. ° ya lo creo of course Muchos animales se ahogaron en la inundación. Subimos hasta el pico más alto. Le dió una congestión. ▲ [v] to sing oleaje [m] ground swell, motion of waves. Han sido comisionados por el Gobierno. capataz [m] foreman Iba vestido de harapos. ▲ to stop talking, playing, singing, etc. We have to make some changes in our plans. ▲ fresh, cheeky, nervy El viajero estaba muy cansado. mejor [adj] better He got flushed and out of breath on climbing the stairs. The plane fell to the ground. Lleva una vida desordenada. vocación [f] vocation (activity or profession for which one feels an inner calling) ° al por menor retail. I was grateful to him for the help he gave me. ▲ to go to bed, retire Es uno de los mejores colaboradores de este periódico. caracol [m] snail. ▲ to change (money) ▲ window pane Se está rompiendo la chaqueta por los codos. From a hill one could see the valley. Saldré el dos o el tres del mes próximo. The house has all the conveniences. ▲ to play, gamble The suit was well cut. ▲ Miss (used by servants) [Am] Le tendré al corriente de lo que pase. ▲ rate of interest ▲ to order, decree If we walk we'll be very late. ° valerse de to make use of, avail ​oneself of El general dio el mando de retirarse. introducir [-zc-] to put (in), insert ° poco a poco little by little, gradually ° a poco (de) shortly after || Tengo mucho gusto en conocerle. ▲ to be correct Ha escrito un libro sobre la historia de la danza. volante [m] steering wheel (of vehicle); flywheel. ° tener malas intenciones to be malicious. He was sitting on my left. Hubo una tregua en la lucha. Se ha gastado muy pronto esa tela. ° en justa correspondencia in reciprocation, to get even You have to add more details to the report. ¿Puedo ver el contenido del paquete? He hasn't told me he loves me yet. Siempre anda metido en chanchullos. ° inclinarse to bow. Moisture blurs the glass. ▲ to charge Compare Ud. ° echar tierra a to forget, hush up ¿Quiere Ud. His backhand drive is better than his forehand. imprenta printing shop; press; print. Por el calor estaban en mangas de camisa. Es un hombre completamente desprestigiado. The corporal is on furlough. He said it in an affected manner. ▲ [m] seaman Una banda de ladrones actúa por esta región. ▲ volume (of water) ¡ Saludos desde Colombia ! They show him every consideration. His sleeves were short for him. ¿A qué hora empieza la función? The flowers were swaying in the wind. We met at the door of my house. tráfico traffic ▲ to conquer, win (over) "Not by a long shot!". apenas scarcely, hardly ° en el acto right away A lady of great importance. nacimiento birth. ▲ brave What a pleasant surprise to see you ! tosco rough Hágalo así no más. ° cara a cara right to a person's face voltear to turn (over), whirl Luego contaré la demás. — La policía disolvió la reunión. ° parecerse to be alike ▲ period (in writing) Do you have Saturday off? He completely forgot. He's a greedy man. ° agravarse to get worse They've accepted our demand. El eje está roto. He was called up for military service. — regalar to present, give (gift) Tomaron té con pastas. disculpa apology sólido solid, firm Guarda mi nombre, correo electrónico y web en este navegador para la próxima vez que comente. She wears very high heels. Lo hizo a costa de su salud. cobrador [m] collector (bills, taxes) panecillo roll (bread) I hear footsteps. honestidad [f] modesty, decorum Su padre la dotó muy bien. Es una persona muy particular. ¿Quiere Ud. || ¡Ya, ya! aparato apparatus, set vitrina show window [Am]; show case [Sp]. It's difficult to reconcile all the opinions. Toda aquella relación era interesante. Look that way, to the right! El suelo está muy liso. ° dar un susto to frighten. No dijo la verdad. Hay que sacar varias copias de la carta. herradura horseshoe ▲ to go on, keep on ¡Mire hacia allá, a la derecha! El perro miraba a su dueño. ° producirse to arise, break out su fortuna en eso. homicida [m, f] killer, slayer ° tomar por su cuenta to take upon oneself Se está quedando ciego. They placed a partition between the two parts of the room. ▲ to return, go back "Of course!". Han comenzado los cimientos de la casa. relucir [-zc-] to shine, glisten, glitter. That clock runs slow. is it true that [Am] pescar? ahí there The debt had to be paid in full. Aquí es donde murió. máquina machine doler [rad-ch I] to hurt, pain Let's talk about that. ▲ tense ▲ figure dejado (see dejar) sloppy curar to treat, dress the wounds of No se desvíe Ud. Arregle el cuadro que está torcido. jugar [rad-ch I] to play It depends on what you want to do. ° dar que hacer to give or cause trouble or work ° todo el mundo everybody ° un día sí y otro no, día de por medio This street used to have another name. His conduct is exemplary. Be careful you don't slip. Cuánto tiempo lleva Ud. ° alrededores [m pl] outskirts, surroundings. ▲ latest ▲ [m] traveling salesman, agent. Ya se lo dije a Ud. Tengo una cortada en la mano. significar to mean chico little, small He has a horror of war. La medalla tenía una inscripción. which? Este anillo me está muy justo. Do you think the road's wide enough for cars? ▲ to stir Es el menos caro de todos. They skinned me in that deal. pelear to fight ¿Qué es aquello? El tiro atravesó la pared. contraer [irr] to contract Plug up that leak! Pídale el menú a la camarera. ▲ to inscribe, autograph ° bajo fianza on bail He knows neither English nor Spanish. I can't wait any longer for him. ° alguna cosa más anything else || Estamos a (la) mitad del trabajo. No hay que exponer esto al sol. balazo shot ° en voz alta aloud. No ha cambiado nada desde que le vi. No decent people go to that place. ° más claro que el agua clear as crystal These vegetables are tasteless. ▲ to send, transmit The neck of the bottle was broken. It struck like a bombshell! envuelto (see envolver) involved ▲ to burst, be full Please give me a glass of water. He had a very gloomy expression on his face. I won't compromise on that ! Su asistencia no es necesaria. ¿Cuándo vendrá Ud.? Se maneja bien. Tiene tipo latino. disolver [irr] to dissolve The baggage is insured. ▲ native land, country Avívate; estás como dormido. Se reservó el mejor asiento. Esa casa no tiene nada de particular. Así, por ejemplo, el … They loaded the truck. Go out one by one. The ground was covered with leaves. They're all the same. suponer [irr] to suppose, assume ▲ to cover, clear, jump over He died in the performance of his duty. casar to marry sección [f] section, division I'll take the one I happen to like best. Haré un tanate con esta ropa. ▲ [m] front, battlefield ▲ to be lacking ° franco de porte prepaid No difiera Ud. He was indifferent to any suggestion. There was a detour on the road. Es una chica muy quieta. He doesn't like to be dependent on anyone. ° tomar por to consider, take for ingresar (en) to enter, to join Se cayó por la escalera. ° punto de gracia funny side ▲ contributor (to a periodical, etc) This paper's stuck to the table. Dejó sus negocios a su hijo por un año. They managed to capture the leader. Our plans are still up in the air. Hang your clothes here. Ya que me preguntas, te contestaré. ▲ tuned I was lucky. Since you ask me, I'll tell you. He was a very skillful mechanic. The windows face the street. todas esas cosas y póngala en orden. Those rugs have to be beaten. That suit you bought's a good choice. He's easily moved.