because you won't want to play this on the Super Game Boy. Last year's hottest game returns for round two as Mortal Kombat II hits the shelves for the SNB, Genesis, Game Gear, and Game Boy in September. Mortal's here, but only partially. It's your choice. The three-button layout isn't terrible, and the majority of the moves are intuitive. If you snooze, you lose! Master the moves of seven new guys and gals along with the new moves for the original cast, including air moves. The first improvement fans notice is the elimination of the grainy look that plagued the first Genesis release. We just received the games, and our first look indicates the graphics are far superior to last year's MK releases and closely match the arcade graphics (especially the SNES version). As in the first game, the second version is divided into rounds as well. Select button use Space bar. Otherwise, my advice is to wait for something that's actually new. Para jugar este juego, necesitas tener un emulador instalado. Standing High Kicks are a great way to keep the enemy out when they jump in. The first Mortal Kombat played close to the arcade and only experts will be able to tell whether Reptile's Acid Spit is fast enough, Scorpion can still get an Uppercut out of a leg take down, and uppercut Kung Lao after a teleport move. The fatalities were easy to do, and I could even knock the other fighters into the ceiling spikes. We're told that the carts will be packed with secrets! Play 'em head-to-head on the PlayStation and decide for yourself! Who won't get their hands on this one? The game is one of the few releases out there available for most of the platforms. So get set for another look at the game that's been tearing up the arcades for many months now, Mortal Kombat II. B button use S (But if you wanna bust that eight-hit Kitana corner kombo, go right ahead!). There's no versus mode or tournament setup, but the available options include button configuration, handicapping for two players, and an adjustable CPU intelligence. It has the spike Kombat Tomb and even turnaround kicks. The changes aren't as extreme as the leap from 1.1 to 2.1, but there are a few new features and differences. All my combos worked. Sweep patterns are one of the best ways to defeat the computer. Also, it's dated. Just think of the way they got around the blood issue before. Get ready to finish 'em as one of the top head-to-head fighting games of all time makes a fall debut for the PlayStation and Saturn. However, by coin-op standards, it's not quite nirvana. Otherwise, this cart is good handheld entertainment. Throughout the title, animation has been improved, moving swiftly and smoothly without any noticeable slowdown or jerking. This Game is good for its time,it has good graphics and its very colorfull.The only bad thing is that theirs not very many characters in the game that you can use.Well there isn't anything else to say about this game,so thanks and enjoy!! Play seven new characters on brand new, multi-scrolling backgrounds. But when the game hit the homefront in September of 1993, the result was a smashing success. What does the future hold for Mortal Kombat? We're gonna give you Mortal Kombat! Their game is here and what an excellent translation it is. Round 1, Engage! On the same note, we can't forget the big N's anti-blood stance and that alone is sure to add variety to the fatalities. "Round l...Fight!" Some of the lower Meg formats may have to make a few sacrifices, but don't doubt for a minute that all the "finishing" moves will be in full color and full gore! Response is quick and active, and hits look like they actually make contact with the characters - no more near misses that send your player flying across the screen.