It is revealed that the plot to gain control of California is so that he can turn it over to another country, implied to be Russia, for a huge profit. Elsewhere in the hacienda his aunt María Pía de la Vega, is horrified to learn her former fiancé, Fernando, is going to return. Fernando is less than enthusiastic. "El verano del zorro" es una serie dramática china de 2017 dirigida por Yu Zhong Zhong. [10] He returns home to California to find his land under dictatorship, then taking up Zorro's mantle. Once Zorro defeats the thieves, he enters into a rivalry with his old friend Ricardo del Amo, a practical joker who is also interested in Ana Maria. Three more volumes soon followed, completing the season, which was then reissued as a boxed set entitled Zorro, the Complete First Season. Instead of being a Spaniard, however, Diego is now a mestizo born in the 1790s to a white father, Don Alejandro de la Vega, and his wife, a Native American warrior named Toypurnia, who was given the name Regina when she married Alejandro. They tell her they've finally found her daughter and discover she is being held in the dungeons of the prison wearing an iron mask. Months later on the night of the welcome party for the new governor Esmeralda, choosing not to go to the party to pretend to be a loving daughter, runs into Zorro near the city prison. From the journal he discovers the future arrival of a governor, Don Fernando Sánchez de Moncada. Azucena and Renzo kidnap Esmeralda and take her to the gypsy camp and the gypsies present her with flowers. The network normally broadcast translations on CC3, which is not available on many older TV sets. La serie está basada en la novela en línea Cuando el presidente se enamora, de Shen Cang Mei. "[5], The opening sequences show a shot of Diego looking at his mask. The groom dies at the altar immediately after the marriage in completed. Cozi TV aired reruns of the series from January 5, 2015, to December 31, 2016. El Zorro, la espada y la rosa (The Sword and the Rose) is a Spanish-language telenovela based on Johnston McCulley's characters. [16] On February 26, 2007, the show started airing in Colombia on Caracol TV.[17]. Aunque el Zorro logra frustrar el plan, el señor Basilio no se rinde y descubre la identidad del Zorro pero antes de decirlo, el Capitán Mendoza lo mata por accidente. [3], Despite good ratings (#30 in Season 1 with a 26.6 rating), the series ended after two seasons due to a financial dispute between Disney and the network over ownership of Zorro, Mickey Mouse Club, and the Disney anthology television series (at the time titled Disneyland). 39:57. verano del zorro (drama chino) Sueño profundo Dromas. In Bulgaria, the telenovela officially started airing on April 15, 2008 on BTV and started airing on October 9, 2012 on bTV Lady. Beyoncé and Alejandro Fernández performed Amor Gitano (Gypsy Love), a flamenco-pop track commissioned by Sony for the series. [7] Cardinal Olivieri, a supporting character on the show, has the same last name. She returns to her room, now understanding why he hates her so much. This limited-run serial shows the masked crusader as a hero torn between his fight for justice and his love for a beautiful woman. After Monasterio's final defeat, in the second storyline, Zorro must uncover and counter the machinations of the evil Magistrado Carlos Galindo, who is part of a plot to rule California. Both of them hide before he can see who it was. Since this is a telenovela, much of the drama focuses on romantic melodrama and family intrigue. I'm your thief, I'm going to love you even if they tear my heart out." Nevertheless, Disney continued to pay $3,500 per year for the television rights until 1967.[3]. Unbeknownst to Esmeralda her mother, who she knew as Mercedes, is still alive and has been locked up in the local prison ever since she gave birth to Esmeralda. Episode 1 Their medallions got tangled and the two are forced to look into each other eyes, immediately feeling the spark. Seventy-eight episodes were produced, and four hour-long specials were aired on the Walt Disney anthology series between October 30, 1960, and April 2, 1961. In this story Don Diego is sexually active. La historia continúa en "El verano del zorro, temporada 2". Season two opens with Diego in Monterey, the colonial capital, where privately collected money to bring a supply ship to California is consistently diverted to a gang of bandits. Diego dons the mask of Zorro to fight the evil commandant's tyranny, and, with the help of his mute servant Bernardo, free the pueblo from his oppression. Episode 3 Will he obtain them? The following international regions are available:[9], American action-adventure western drama series, "Masked Zorro Returns Friday to Make His Mark on Cable TV", "Dancer-thesp Strauss dies, 'Mask of Zorro' star was 75",,, "Zorro – The Original '57 Black-and-White Series Coming in 2, Floyd Norman shares his memories of the filming of,, American Broadcasting Company original programming, Black-and-white American television shows, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 04:39.