During the invasion Raiden had been more burden than ally. Liu Kang (MK11) is one of the fighters and story characters in Mortal Kombat 11. Summary. 1 de julio de 2017 - 13:22 CEST. Then, before the portal closes, Liu Kang is greeted by Princess Kitana and thanked for saving Earth and the Outworld. But it is the apparent death of Shaolin brother Kung Lao that enrages Kang and enables him to find the strength to defeat Shao Kahn. Vs Ermac ,, is a multi-hitting high attack that is mainly used up-close. Pressure. This page contains Liu Kang’s Fatalities, moves list, Brutalities and Dani Verdasco. LIU KANG. and , are both -2 on block, which can be used for staggers when mixed with ,,.Be careful when using , as both hits are high attacks.. Liu Kang’s main pressure string is his +,, +. Kang is the reigning Mortal Kombat Champion and has proved it by easily defeating Kahn's minions. Brazenly he demanded the Elder Gods grant him the thunder god’s status. Todas las técnicas, movimientos, brutalities y fatalities de Liu Kang en Mortal Kombat X. Guía de Mortal Kombat X en Vandal. Having defeated Shao Kahn, Liu Kang believed he was the only one capable of defending Earthrealm against outside threats. Liu Kang is one of the main protagonists of the Mortal Kombat series and one of the best warriors of Earthrealm. Mortal Kombat, guía completa - Liu Kang. In a one-match Mortal Kombat tournament, Liu Kang defeated his former friend and mentor. Aprende los golpes más demoledores con nuestra ayuda. Liu Kang was raised by Shaolin monks, who taught him the way of the spiritual warrior and was trained by Bo' Rai Cho under Raiden guise for the task of freeing Earthrealm from Outworld clutches. Liu Kang es el personaje principal de la serie, el elegido de Raiden, el más grande héroe de La Tierra y el enemigo mortal de Shang Tsung.También es uno de los personajes originales de la serie que debutó en Mortal Kombat y posteriormente protagonizó el videojuego Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks junto a Kung Lao, su mejor amigo.También mantiene cierto interés y una cercana relación con Kitana Liu Kang has a multitude of strings that either leave him at an advantage or can be staggered for pressure.